The List of The Most Valuable Campus Resources for First-Year College Students

The time has come for you to pack your bags and head off to adulthood. You’ve waited to get out of your parents’ grip for a very long time, but now you feel something that’s anything but nice: anxiety.

College, you’ve heard, is all about girls, frat parties and having a good time, but when you’ll be in need of help, where will you get it from? Is there a magical formula you utter and problems solve themselves? Oh, if only…

Fortunately, you’re not on your own in college, although it might look like it. There are plenty of campus resources for freshmen you can use to write my paper and we’ll introduce you to them right here, right now.

  • The Library

Going to the library will save you money and it’s somewhat surreal that students don’t quite get that – by borrowing books, you won’t have to spend fortunes to purchase them; if you take a look at the prices some books are sold for these days, the first thing you’ll be doing once you’ll arrive on campus will be to get a library card.

Moreover, the library is the place to go when you need some time alone or you want to study in silence.

  • Your Academic Advisor 

Freshmen get academic advisors, who are basically people that are qualified to help students create their objectives and more importantly, achieve them. If you feel like you’re simply drifting through college and you have no terminus, congratulations – you are human and identical with the other students.

In this case, your academic advisor will give you the perspective you’re lacking and will be quick to point out your strong points and weaknesses alike, so that you can go on a path that will eventually lead to a fructuous career.

  • The Health Center

Should you feel under the weather, the Health Center is your go-to place. Most students get medical services at a discount or for free.

  • Free Tutoring

Tutors are people that help students improve their skills or expertise in a certain subject they are not very good at. In general, tutors-for-hire are extremely expensive and what’s worse is that most of them are not qualified for the job.

You can rest assured that the tutors you’ll find in your campus have all that it takes to work closely with students and succor their low self-esteem.

  • Your Professors

You can talk to each and every single one of your professors while in college, during their office hours. If you didn’t understand something, it’s not a crime to ask further explanations. And it’s certainly better to ask for help than to fail the exam because you couldn’t bring yourself to bother the professor.


College is scary for most freshmen, but this is kind of a making-mountains-out-of-molehills type of situation. The thing is, you’re never alone on campus. You’ll be surprised of how many people are assigned to help you out when you’re in trouble.

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