Incarnate by: Lawrence Weill

Lara Joyner has seen the signs in the direction the leaves blow, in the patterns made by the clouds at dawn, in her readings of the Tarot, and in the answers to her prayers. Her son Dale is the second coming of Christ. While that makes her responsibilities overwhelming, she can fail neither her son nor humanity. But to sit on the throne next to the Almighty will be her reward. Once Dale’s true identity is revealed, Lara will forever be known as the mother of God. Dale is not quite certain what it might mean to be Jesus, but he knows that if he at least goes through the motions, he can keep his mother from hearing the voices, and, perhaps, protect himself and his younger brother Louis from danger. Incarnate follows Lara and her sons as she attempts to have him perform miracles. If he could only realize his power, she knows his destiny and hers. Their world turned upside down by their mother’s hallucinations, Dale and Louis try to make sense of what is happening and survive a life of mysterious dangers. Meanwhile, their father and older sister frantically search for the two boys to bring them to safety. A psychological study, Incarnate is a story of how delusion overpowers reason and how the resilience of youth can persevere.
This one was creepy as ****!
Read the description and if that doesnt creep you out than pick it up!
4 Stars

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