How to Structure Your Education Paper Correctly

Whereas writing an education paper might be a challenging task; having a structure to follow can make things easy. The structure of an essay does not need to be complicated when the goal is to get a good essay at the end. If you have no idea on how to structure your paper, we have made it easy for you to structure your essay in a few steps.

Standard Structure of Any Academic Paper

Any academic paper has three primary parts, namely the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. These three parts serve a different purpose altogether. The introduction will introduce a topic and give a context of the topic or subject. The body goes deep into what the introduction outlines, whereas a conclusion restates the main argument in fresh form reviews the topics tackled in the body and explains the relevance of the paper.

The Introduction

The three purposes of an introduction include creating context, describing essay structure, and introducing the central argument of an author.

  1. a) Creating Context

Explanations can be hard to understand. Surrounding your explanation with a given context makes it easy for the reader to get a clear picture of the topic in question. You can create setting through multiple ways, namely the use of statistics or data, telling a story, defining key terms, or posing a question that connects with the understanding of the reader.

  1. b) Describing essay structure

Here, the reader can easily establish the contents of the essay they are reading. The reader can, therefore, seek clarification in the preceding statements of the essay in the body. A statement describing structure includes, “This essay will talk about…” Other terms one could come across include argue, provide, distinguish, prove, analyze, and describe, among others.

  1. c) Introducing central arguments

This is a claim, which is made at the introduction; however, after reading the essay, the reader will understand what the claim was trying to communicate.

The Body

This part of a research paper gives evidence about the central argument of your paper. The body is made of paragraphs, written appropriately.  The paragraphs are made of a topic sentence, explanatory sentences, and analysis statements.

Topic sentences give the reader a picture of what the paragraph contains. The explanatory sentences clarify to the reader about the topic. Lastly, analysis sentences explain the relationship of the paragraph to the main argument of the paper.



The Conclusion

This part is made of three sections, namely a restate of the thesis, a review of main points and an explanation of the paper’s relevance, importance, and significance.

  1. a) Restating the thesis

The thesis statement captured at the introduction of your paper stating your central argument should be rephrased. The idea is that the reader has grown in understanding after reading the body and can understand a restate of the thesis even if it is complex.

  1. b) Review of Main Points

This is a recap of the main points in your body. Repeating them will remind the reader of what they saw in your essay’s body and even connect the arguments to the thesis statement.

  1. c) Explaining Relevance, Importance, and Significance

There must be an end you wanted to achieve with your education paper. In your conclusion, you have the chance to explain the purpose of the paper in detail. Use the conclusion to prove the central argument and the importance of your writing.

This structure should make your education paper writing easy. Practice its demonstrations sufficiently and make your essays and paper writing process easy.


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