25 of the Most Expensive Private High Schools in the U. S.

California - Midland School $66,900

The Most Expensive High School in Each State

When most of us were growing up, our parents worried about how they would pay for college. Some saved all of their money so they could make a better life for us through a college education, while others couldn’t offer to pay for school and we knew we had to work hard to be able to get that college degree and come out on the other side more successful.

These days, the average tuition for a public college in the United States is about $20,000 per year, equaling about $60,000 after four years. However, what if we told you that this $60,000 for public university education would not even be able to pay for one year at the most expensive high school in the United States?

The majority of high school students in the United States go to public high schools where they do not have to pay for their studies, aside from the occasional art supplies or field trips. Private schools can be ridiculously priced, and in this list, we have named the most expensive private high school in each state based on the tuition for the 2020-2021 school year. Yes, these numbers are from only one year of school, not the entire four years of high school.

South Carolina – Trident Academy $28,800

South Carolina - Trident Academy $28,800

Trident Academy is a school specifically for students ages K-12 who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. They help the students gain confidence in their ability to learn so they feel capable of succeeding beyond high school and in the world. They take an individualized approach to each student so they get the most out of their education.

It’s kind of sad that some of the most expensive high schools in each state are also the schools that could help a student in need out the most. These schools usually do offer scholarships, but they are still not as accessible as they should be.

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Groton, Groton, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $43,390 Enrollment: 381 Founded: 1884This private Episcopal college preparatory boarding school boasts notable graduates such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, author Curtis Sittenfeld (Prep), and actor Sam Waterston. The school has an endowment of $360 million.Photo: Jplayforth/Wikipedia

Groton, Groton, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $43,390 Enrollment: 381 Founded: 1884This private Episcopal college preparatory boarding school boasts notable graduates such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, author Curtis Sittenfeld (Prep), and actor Sam Waterston. The school has an endowment of $360 million.Photo: Jplayforth/Wikipedia

Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $47,400Enrollment: 400Founded: 1793Lawrence Academy is the third oldest boarding school in the country. The school boasts a student to teacher ratio of 5:1 with an average class size of 14. The school offers students unique programs like Costa Rican ecology excursions and sailing lessons. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is a graduate, along with former first round NBA draft pick Antoine Wright, and Audrey McNiff, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.Photo: Lawrence Academy

The Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $47,500Enrollment: 330Founded: 1886A co-ed high school that emphasizes'critical thought, hands-on experiential learning and deep academic inquiry.' The academic year is divided into seven modules of five weeks.Photo: The Cambridge School of Weston

Salisbury School, Salisbury, Conn.Non-Boarding Tuition: $47,500Enrollment:310Founded: 1901This all-boys prep school requires all seniors take a philosophy and religion course. The average class size at the school is 11 students. The school has a nationally-recognized lacrosse team and a top hockey team. Notable alumni include Major League Baseball pitcher Chris Dwyer and two-time Olympian Porter Collins.Photo: Salisbury School

Newton Country Day School, Newton, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $47,650Enrollment: about 231Founded: 1880This all-girl Roman Catholic school emphasizes spiritual as well academic excellence and offers students plenty of amenities, such as an ice hockey rink.Photo: Wikipedia

Middlesex School, Concord, Mass.Non-Boarding Tuition: $47,810Enrollment: 400Founded: 1901 Notable alumni include former New Mexico Governor and Presidential candidate Bill Richardson, actor Steve Carell, former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. The school has a $252 million endowment.Photo: Nick Allen /Wikipedia

Kent School, Kent, Conn.Non-Boarding Tuition: $48,000Enrollment: 570Founded: 1906This Episcopal school is proud of its religious tradition and the entire student body gathers for three weekly services at its St. Joseph's Chapel. The co-ed school has a diverse religious student body. The school also has a robust athletic program with over 70% of the student body participating in a sport. Notable alumni include actor Ted Danson, singer Lana Del Rey,'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane, and film director Will Wallace. Above, the Kent School boat club.Photo: John Phelan/Wikipedia

Birch Wathen Lenox School, New York CityTuition: $47,031-$48,304 according to Private School ReviewEnrollment: 175Founded: 1921Alumnae include Barbara Walters and Brooke Shields.Photo: Google

The Berkshire School, Sheffield, MassNon-Boarding Tuition: $48,000Enrollment: 400Founded: 1907The 400-acre campus in the Berkshires has state-of-the-art academic, artistic and athletic facilities.Photo: James Harris-Berkshire School/Wikipedia

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